Biokineticist: Jithen Paramanund


A biokineticist  is a special exercise therapist that functions in professional alliance to health and medicine, and is recognized by and registered with the Health Professions Council of  South Africa.



What does a Biokineticist do?


A biokineticist  improves a person’s physical  status and quality of life through individualized assessment and exercise prescription in the dual context of clinical pathology (acute and chronic) and performance enhancement.  Biokineticist  is the profession that uses individually prescribed exercise as a way of preventing medical disorders related to insufficient physical activity and/or for rehabilitating injuries and disease.  Biokineticist are registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa. Their service fees are claimable from Medical Aids and they are generally specialize in: 


The focus in Biokineticist is: