Dietician: Priya Lalla

When it comes to eating we, South Africans usually eat and prepare food according to our traditions, what we like, availability of foods and how much money we have in our pocket.  These days peoplesí lives are ruled by time resulting in freshly prepared food being replaced by processed or convenience foods that more often than not provide excess energy and fat and not enough vitamins and minerals.  Those who have little money may eat food limited in variety.

These habits result in:


There is clear and convincing scientific evidence which shows that following  a healthy lifestyle, with good eating habits, regular physical exercise and management of stress are essential to promote good health and manage disease of lifestyle.  Registered dietitians are experts on the field of nutrition and in consultation with one you can expect the following :   Analysis of your weight and current eating habits.

                    Assessment of your lifestyle and medical history.

                    An individual and practical meal plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.

                    Follow up.

If you have diabetes, gestational diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, HIV, food allergies, are underweight, want to lose weight or you just want to eat right, consulting with a registered dietician comes highly recommended especially if you want the best up-to-date expert advice on how to best manage your condition with your food.