Sun Safe Awareness Month – CANSA


31:  World Leprosy Day





Sun Safe Awareness Month – CANSA


9-14:  STI/Condom Week

13-19:  Pregnancy Awareness Week





Nutrition Campaign Month – CANSA


8:  International Women’s Day

20: Head Injury Awareness Day

24:  World TB Day

24-30:  National Kidney Awareness Week




Health Awareness Month


National Blood Donor Month



7:  World Health Day

4-10:  Polio Eradication Awareness Week

17:  World Haemophilia Day




International Multiple Sclerosis Month

Anti Tobacco Campaign – CANSA



5-11:  Hospice Week

8:  World Red Cross Day

12:  Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

16:  Candlelight Memorial Day

25-31: Child Protection Week

28:  International Day of Action for Women’s Health

31:  World No Tobacco Day





1:  Children’s Day

1:  International Day of Innocent Children – Victims of Agression

5:  Work Environmental Day

6-12:  Stroke Awareness Week

16:  Youth Day

20-27:  Epilepsy Week

21-28:  SANCA Drug Awareness Week

26:  International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking






Mental Illness and Awareness Month


Men’s Health –CANSA


6:    National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness day

11: World Population Day

16:  Hepatitis Day

27-2/08 : CANSA Week




National Oral Health Month


1-7:  World Breastfeeding Week

1-7:  National Immunisation  Awareness Week

1-7:  National Cancer Week

9:      National Women’s Day

10-16:  Organ Donor Week

17:  SADC Day

24-30:  Cerebral Palsy Week

24-30:  Deaf Awareness Week




Albinism Awareness Month

Epilepsy Awareness Month

Cervical Health Month

Heart Month

1-7:  SANCA Week

5-12:  Pharmacy Week

9:  International Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Day

8-12:  Back Week

21:  International Alzheimer’s Day

22-28:  Older Persons Awareness Week

24:  World Heart Day




Breast Health Month]

Mental Health Awareness Month


1:  International Day for Older Persons

1:  National Inherited Disorders Day

8:  International Day for Nature Disaster Reductions

9:  Partnership against AIDS anniversary

10:  World Mental Health Day

12:  World Arthritis Day

11-15:  Eye Care Awareness Week

9-16:  National Nutrition Week

15:  National Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Day

16:  World Food Day

17:  World Trauma Day

17:  International Day for the Eradication of poverty

20:  National Down Syndrome Awareness Day

20:  World Osteoporosis Day

23: National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day

24:  World Polio Day




Red Ribbon Month

Quality Month


5:  National Children’s Day

12:  Malaria Day

11-30:  Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign

14:  World Diabetes Day

14:  World Quality Day

16:  International Day of Tolerance

25:  International Day of Violence Against Women

25-10/12:  Activism on No Violence Against Women