Physiotherapist: Denise Sandler

Physiotherapist: Denise Sandler

A physiotherapist is a professional qualified to assess, plan and implement a program of physical rehabilitation to help a person to reduce their pain.  Maximize their mobility and restore their strength and body movement following an illness or injury, in order to achieve the highest possible level of independence in that person’s life.

When seeing you for the first time the physiotherapist will examine you carefully and formulate a plan of treatment based on the physiotherapist’s assessment of the cause of the problem.  The treatment that a physiotherapist uses are physical in nature. 

Physiotherapist’s use manual techniques (using their hands) such as joint mobilization, manipulation, massage, myofascial release and acupressure.  They also use other methods such as electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, heat, cold, traction.  LASER and acupuncture. 

The basic categories of conditions that Physiotherapist’s treat/rehabilitate include: 

Muscle injuries, joint injuries, spinal pain, spinal cord injuries (paralysis), peripheral nerve injuries, head injuries, stroke ( CVA), respiratory problems and sports related injuries.